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Better Health & Wellbeing from The Stress Shop | The Abed Method

Hull currently has one of the highest levels of obesity & ill health & is officially suffering the most of personal debt which normally means the highest stress.  Make 2014 the year you turn your life around and start to take a much more active role in your health by using ABED. Remember weight loss is a natural byproduct of healthy living. Come along to a totally FREE talk Wed 29th January 2014 all attendees get my health book for FREE so beside from excess weight what do you have to lose? Send me an email to reserve your place(s) 

Weight Loss

Currently almost half of us are overweight or obese. The future looks worse for our children. Yet at last a real alternative to just another miracle diet. ABED has been described as ‘genius’ & The future of self health care. Read on

How does it work?

ABED is the worlds first self help health programme that brings together the 4 key areas required for healthy weight loss. Incorporating things like stress management, visulisation, hypnosis, special exercise, complete nutrition & on going expert help & support.   Read on

How much weight will I lose?

The over consumption of highly processed carbohydrates as well as high sugar high fat foods combined with low activity levels is a recipe for weight gain. Once these are addressed amazing things start to happen naturally.

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What support will I receive?

The truth is anyone can benefit from effective Stress Management in their lives and the sooner the better. With over 80% of ALL modern day conditions been linked to stress then it obviously makes sense to deal with stress before it deals with you. Read on

See what others have to say

“I cannot tell you how clever this programme is, I honestly now realise what a waste of time and energy dieting really is. It is true, diets are dead, to lose weight just use ABED”. Read on

Will I still be able to eat my favourite foods?

Absolutely! With ABED you can still eat chocolate, crisps, cakes & biscuits and still get control over your weight like no other programme in the world. This may sound far fetched but remember this is the science of losing weight.Read on

Other health benefits

Weight gain means the body struggles to cope especially under pressure. With ABED you can start to see improvements often quickly in conditions such as asthma, depression, diabetes, digestion problems, in fact over 90% of all modern day conditions can be improved. Read on

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What exactly is The Abed Method?

The Abed Method is the worlds first complete health programme covering the 4 key areas required for health. A is for attitude B is for breathing E is for exercise D is for diet. Using a combination of coaching & direction the ABED is ideal for people who have had enough of dieting and actually want to lose weight for good. To book your FREE place call 01482 342100 today

Introduction to The Stress Shop


Meet the Coach

Michael A. Clark has over 20 year’s stress management as well as personal health coaching experience. He is a Member of The Association of Stress Consultants. & is the creator of the Abed Health Programme. Recently the Abed Programme was officially recognised by the International Therapist Institute and has been described as ‘Genius…’ Read More…


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The Abed Health Audio Products:

Do not drive or use any machinery or put yourself in any danger when using the special relaxation audios.

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